Fair coffee with a touch of retro. Let yourself be pampered with unique coffee cocktails. Our mobile espresso bar is the place to be for stronger coffee, but also tea or chocolate milk.

And all that 99% organic and vegan-friendly*! Our mission is to serve hot drinks with responsible organic and ecological products, without missing out on taste!

Our drinks are served in compostable cardboard cups, which is much less stressful for the environment. 


Our home is Bruges, but we can be found at various small, medium and large events and festivals throughout the Benelux. From one hundred to one hundred thousand visitors, there is an option available for every occasion.

If you would like to surprise your visitors at your event or festival, please contact us and we will make it possible





*Vegan-friendly: Instead of cow's milk, you can choose soy or oat drinks, for still the fairest flat white, macchiato, cappuccino, latte and chocolate, at no extra cost!

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Mobile Espresso Bar

Since September 2017 we are present with our new mobile espresso bar to serve the visitors at your event or festival.

Setup and installation takes about one hour. Electrical connections must be provided. We may bring filtered water ourselves, but for larger events we will ask for a water connection.


Pop-up Bar

For the real living room atmosphere we can set up our pop-up bar(s). These are intended for indoor locations where the mobile bar does not fit through the door, or if the event takes place on the first floor as the caravan does not fit in most lifts.

It takes a little longer to set this up, so the pricetag will be different. We are satisfied with one power outlet and bring our own filtered water in tanks.

Festival bar

For the larger festivals, or if the 'look and feel' fits better, we use tents and the pop-up bars. With tents we can work at different locations with multiple espresso machines.

Setting up and connecting takes time, preferably one day in advance. As facilities, we need water connections and multiple power points.


After a big restoration in 2011, our old Digue caravan from 1979 (named 'little praline'), with six years of loyal service, crashed at the end of August 2017 on its way to a festival. We said goodbye to her, and she started enjoying a well-deserved retirement on the schoolgrounds of De Tandem in Bruges.

In the beginning...

...there was an espresso bar in the heart of Bruges, the first organic coffee bar in town. From beginning in 2010 we focused on organic and ecological products, with a nod to vintage and retro. Unfortunately, we had to close this business due to circumstances, but we decided to continue with our mission, and continued with plan B: a mobile espresso bar. Same concept and quality, but on location!

Since then we can be found from Groningen to Paris at various events and festivals, where we pamper the public time and again with organic coffee, tea and hot chocolate. May coffee be with you!


we will be present at:


Elfia Haarzuilens (NL) 25-26 april 2020
Sfinks Mundial (BE) 21 may 2020
Keltfest (NL) 23-24 may 2020
(H)eerlijk Brugge (BE) 31 may 2020
Zomerfolk (NL) 6-7 june 2020
Couleur Cafe (BE) 26-27-28 june 2020
Yogaland (BE) 24-25-26 june 2020
Castlefest (NL) 30-31-1-2 july/august 2020

it was great with:


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